AndroiDAQ© Data Acquisition for Android™ and LabVIEW™

Imagine not having to think about interrupts when programming for your next project.

Imagine processing inputs and outputs in a parallel, not linear.

Imagine not being limited by counter/timer availability.

Imagine doing data acquisition wirelessly for under $300.

That is why we created AndroiDAQ; a new paradigm in mobile data acquisition and control systems for the Internet of Things. 

AndroiDAQxBeeAndroiDAQ OScopeAndroiDAQ Wi-Fi Module and oScope for Android 

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About AndroiDAQ

AndroiDAQ is a complete data acquisition and control system for Android and other programming languages. The AndroiDAQ module is very small, fully programmable, and very powerful, multi-cored single-board, wired and wireless data acquisition platform, used for electronics prototyping and development. AndroiDAQ is very low cost per channel data acquisition and I/O control device that was designed to meet the many shortcomings of other commercially available data acquisition products. AndroiDAQ has 16 digital/analog I/O channels, all of which can be used for Counter/Timer channels. This allows for very diverse data acquisition applications. AndroiDAQ has the highest counter channel count available compared to other low-cost data acquisition modules.


AndroiDAQ is designed around our successful AndroiDAQ© data acquisition for Android circuitry and it is controlled using our AndroiDAQ DEMO for LabVIEW library and our AndroiDAQ DEMO for Android application, both of which are Open Source for your application development and needs. AndroiDAQ is very design flexible with a plethora of uses for interfacing Android or other software to the outside world. AndroiDAQ can be used for robotics, process monitoring and control systems, smart peripherals and appliances, and anything else your imagination can dream up. This module is compatible with  Android™, LabVIEW™, JAVA™, Python, and other programming languages.  

The AndroiDAQ module can be used for:

  • Scientific experiments, class projects, and field measurements
  • Stepper, servo, brush-less and other DC motor controls
  • Android and other smart peripherals including smart vending machines
  • 2D and 3D printer control and/or multi-axis CNC machine control
  • Solar and electric vehicle on-board power management systems
  • Biometric and medical smart devices and equipment
  • Single to multi-wheeled driven robotic vehicles
  • Multicopter, Quadcopter, and other unmanned aerial vehicles or drones
  • Quadrapod and Hexapod and other multi legged robots
  • Bipods, balancing robots, and more fun with robotics
  • Weather, earthquake, data recording, and other remote testing and sensing operations
  • Home security, automated watering systems, Christmas lighting control
  • and much more, limited only by your imagination...
  • Order your AndroiDAQ module.

With this module, you can easily design and develop robotic control drive systems with feedback, remote data acquisition and control systems, and control interfaces for electronic sensors and circuitry; all of which can be directly controlled by your Android phone, PC, Laptop, or tablet, under Windows, Linux, or other operating systems. Order your AndroiDAQ module today.


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With the customizable AndroiDAQ DEMO applications, you send channel group commands to the AndroiDAQ module and receive back the output data from that channel group in real time. The AndroiDAQ module's MCU firmware can also be reprogrammed by you for further flexibility in your design. The module operates in stand-alone mode, for long term remote data collection, so that you can later go back to the AndroiDAQ module's location and download the recorded data that is saved in AndroiDAQ's log file. Field researchers and scientists are no longer tied to heavy laptop systems to retrieve their remote field data with AndroiDAQ.


The open source nature of the AndroiDAQ module and DEMO applications allows you to understand the inner workings of AndroiDAQ and then redesign and program your own Android application that uses your AndroiDAQ module for your specific project. You can build simple to complex systems and control them with your Android tablet or phone, or with our AndroiDAQ for LabVIEW drivers, you can use your PC to control AndroiDAQ with a Bluetooth, WiFi, xBee radio, or USB connection. This module was designed to help innovative makers create Android™ and other portable device driven and operated smart products a reality. The AndroiDAQ module is designed with the following functions and features*: Order your AndroiDAQ module today.

  • 16 I/O and Counter channels: each channel is programmable as either an input or an output channel, for use as:
    • Digital inputs (I/O speed up to 160 MHz, 5-volt DC tolerant)
    • Digital outputs (sink/source 40mA max. @ 3.3-volt)
    • Event counters or frequency measurements (up to 40MHz)
    • User settable frequency and duty cycle output synthesis for Pulse Width Modulation (1 Hz to as high as 320KHz)
    • Easily customized MCU firmware programming to include audio, video, and more...
  • Separate 8-channel, 12-bit, Analog to Digital Converter, for voltage level change sensing and measurement
  • Based on Parallax's Propeller multicore microcontroller:
    • having 8 (eight) 32-bit processors that run independently at 80MHz, for up to 160MIPS, which can also synthesize NTSC video and speech without extra support chips.
  • Built-in holder and file system for removable micro SD card for data logging which includes a time-stamp for digital, voltage, and frequency input readings (256MB or larger required, FAT32) 
  • USB connectivity, with optional Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, or xBee connectivity or distances up to 45 km**
  • Built-in Real Time Clock with built-in battery back-up for time-stamp data logging 
  • 9 to 12-volt DC battery input power for stand-alone field operations (~40-75mA), or can be powered via AC power supply (sold separately) 
  • Breadboard prototyping spacing (board dimensions: 3.00" X 1.300", pin spacing: 1.100" X  0.100")
  • Internal Propeller firmware, AndroiDAQ DEMO application, and LabVIEW DEMO open source and customizable by you (or by Controlled Capture Systems) for your projects and applications
  • Free downloads of our AndroiDAQ DEMO for AndroidAndroiDAQ for DEMO LabVIEW applications and MCU firmware code.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA. 
  • Documentation and Source Code can be found on our AndroiDAQ DEMO Enhancement Page and on our GitHub page.


Order your AndroiDAQ module at our AndroiDAQ Store.


The Ultimate AndroiDAQ Guide     

We are please to announce our Founder's new book: "The Ultimate AndroiDAQ Guide". The Ultimate AndroiDAQ Guide is an in-depth look into the techniques of data acquisition and process control, using the parallel processing micro-controller on the AndroiDAQ module. It teaches you sensing and electronic drive circuits, and how to implement these circuits in programming languages like Android, LabVIEW, Java, and Python.

The book also shows you how to leverage and use the menu command structure used in the AndroiDAQ open source firmware, for the many data acquisition tasks that are used in robotic and product design.

Many examples are given to allow you to control your AndroiDAQ module in ways other popular development modules can not, via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi communication. It is a guide to help you make your next project be part of the Internet of Things.

This book is available for most popular eBook readers. Order your copy today or download the free sample copy.


 We welcome inquiries from academic professionals interested in putting AndroiDAQ in the classroom at discount pricing. We also invite you to contact us to discuss how the AndroiDAQ circuitry can expedite your product to market development. 


* Specifications may change without notice

**Choice of internal or external antenna designs (sold separately please inquire). USB is currently available only for Java, Python, and LabVIEW DEMO, though as more Android devices support USB host this will be included in our AndroiDAQ DEMO and other software, stay tumed for our announcements regarding this.

The AndroiDAQ is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from purchase. This warranty does not cover any problems occurring as a result of improper use, modifications, exposure to water, excessive voltages, abuse, ESD damage, or accidents. All boards will be returned via UPS services or other trackable shipper if an issue is found. If no issue is found or express return is needed, the customer will pay all shipping costs.