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Controlled Contacts allows you to easily capture a perfect contact portrait photo and enter new contact information on your Android™ phone. Controlled Contacts is fully compatible with Android and Google contacts.

Controlled Contacts uses time tested image recognition and our exclusive portrait generation algorithms to create perfect portraits of the persons that you photograph with your Android™ phone. These Android generated photos are then used for the Caller ID of that contact.

Controlled Contacts is useful at work group and networking meetings, or during professional, social, or family gatherings and parties, to quickly capture photos of new contacts that you meet and enter essential information about that contact.

When you take a photo with Controlled Contacts, the application automatically processes the photo into a perfect portrait of your new contact. After the photo is taken you can then enter the new contact's information and add it to your Contacts list or update an already existing contact's photo and information. If you have a contact that is not available for a contact photo in person, you can use photo prints of family and friends to capture a contact photo with Controlled Contacts.

Controlled Contacts has the following features:

The ability to open and edit Contacts

  • The ability to select a saved image for portrait processing
  • The ability to open saved Portraits for review and can send the photo to others via email, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sharing applications
  • The ability to process a new photo now or wait, allowing you to take more contact pictures during busy gatherings
  • The ability to set Camera Settings including camera sound

Two versions of Controlled Contacts are available; Controlled Contacts Lite, which allows you to test the application to see if it is useful for you, and a Controlled Contacts Pro. The Lite version is fully functional though is Ad based and only allows one photo to be processed per application session and does not allow you to set camera settings. The Pro version has no Ads and allows you to take and process as many photos as you'd like to make the most of your contact gathering experience.

Controlled Contacts was written for the Android™ 2.2 platform and fully tested on these devices for proper operation:

  • T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™
  • Sprint™ Samsung Epic™ 4G

Though we test our software thoroughly we know bugs can slip through. Controlled Capture Systems welcomes any and all bug reports to help us provide to you with top quality software and applications. If you find a bug, please send us a detailed list of actions that you performed in the application to receive the error. This will allow us to replicate your bug in-house so that we can fix it quickly and provide you an update.

Updates and Added Features: Added these new features:

  • Added ability to share photos and portraits with family and friends via email, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sharing applications.

Screen Shots

Controlled Contacts Main Screen
Controlled Contacts Main Screen

Controlled Contacts Menu Screen
Controlled Contacts Menu Screen

Controlled Contacts Portrait Screen
Controlled Contacts Resultant Portrait Screen

Controlled Contacts Menu Screen
Controlled Contacts Old or New Contacts Screen

Controlled Capture Player Screen
Controlled Contacts Contact Edit Screen

Controlled Capture Player Menu
Controlled Contacts Contact Edit Form Menu

Controlled Capture for Android™ Controlled Capture for Android™

Controlled Capture for Android™

Controlled Capture for Android™ Controlled Capture for Android™

Controlled Capture for Android™

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